General information

The renter / driver must present a valid driving license and ID card or passport with the current registration address as well as a credit/debit card.

The minimum age for each driver is 23 years. If you allow a driver not entered in the rental agreement to drive the vehicle, this constitutes a violation of the terms and conditions, so that you are liable for the resulting damages caused by you and / or an unauthorized driver. WMCY TOURS & RENTALS LTD (Motounion®) can terminate the rental agreement without notice if an important reason becomes known, which makes the continuation of the rental contract unacceptable. Significant reasons include, in particular, false information about the renter, creditworthiness and the serious violation of contractual obligations. In case of termination without notice, the rental motorcycle must be returned immediately, even before the expiry of the regular rental period.

The owner reserves the right to change the reserved motorcycle against another vehicle from the same price class, should the reserved motorbike be no longer available (accident, repair, etc.)


Obligations of WMCY TOURS & RENTALS LTD (Motounion®)

WMCY TOURS & RENTALS LTD (Motounion®) hands over the motorcycle ready and tested with all necessary preparations, including full fuel tanks. The hirer receives papers and keys to the vehicle upon collection.


Obligations of the renter

The renter is obliged to handle the motorcycle carefully and to observe all regulations and technical regulations which are relevant for the use as well as to ensure traffic safety. Oil levels, tire pressure etc. must be checked regularly by the tenant during the rental period. If a repair is necessary during the rental period to ensure the operation or the traffic safety of the motorcycle, the renter may order a contract workshop, but the WMCY TOURS & RENTALS LTD (Motounion®) consent must be obtained. The motorcycle may only be used in the contractually agreed manner. The renter is not allowed to participate in motor sport events. The rider must carefully protect the motorcycle against theft.


Insurance protection

Due to local insurance market the motorcycle has only a third party insurance coverage. This means that the insurance covers only the driver’s liability to his passengers and other people affected by an accident -  expenses to repair or replace the property of the 3rd parties, medical expenses of all injured 3rd parties ( including the passengers of the insured motorcycle), compensation for loss of work , disability, pain and suffering from the accident.

The Renter is liable with a deductible of the deposit which must be reserved on the credit card upon pick-up. Furthermore, he agrees with the acceptance of these rental conditions, that WMCY TOURS & RENTALS LTD (Motounion®) will post against said card for damages to the rented vehicle up to amount of the deposit. The amount of the deposit is stated in the table below


Harley Davidson Street, Sportster models

1000 €

Harley Davidson Dyna, Softail models

1300 €

Harley Davidson Touring models

1800 €

Non HD models

0…1000 €


Damage and accidents

In the case of damage to the rental vehicle, the renter is liable for all repair costs incurred, in accordance with a professional insurance claims adjuster, costs of recovery, transport and adjuster fees, as well a daily basic charge is to be reimbursed as loss of rental during the repair period or in case of total loss until the replacement vehicle is in place. If the tire wear is disproportionately high due to improper use (eg burn-outs), the renter is liable for damages. Renter is obliged to notify the WMCY TOURS & RENTALS LTD (Motounion®) immediately after an accident, fire, theft or other damage. This also applies to self-inflicted accidents without the participation of third parties. The accident report shall include, in particular, the name and address of the persons involved and any witnesses, as well as the official registration number of the vehicles involved, and shall be made available to WMCY TOURS & RENTALS LTD (Motounion®) immediately. In the event of the theft of the vehicle, you are obliged to provide WMCY TOURS & RENTALS LTD (Motounion®) with a copy of the criminal complaint immediately together with the Motorcycle keys and the vehicle documents, if not stolen. If you find a defect or damage that is not documented in the rental agreement, you are obliged to ensure that this is noted on the rental agreement. This also applies to a defect or damage to the booked accessories. This change is to be signed by you and the WMCY TOURS & RENTALS LTD (Motounion®) representative.


The renter is obliged to return the motorcycle to WMCY TOURS & RENTALS LTD (Motounion®) at the agreed date. If the return deadline is exceeded by more than 3 hours, WMCY TOURS & RENTALS LTD (Motounion®) is to be notified; in addition a further hour or day rent per day is to be paid as compensation. Before returning, the motorcycle must be refueled. In the case of extreme filth, WMCY TOURS & RENTALS LTD (Motounion®) may charge cleaning costs. It is not possible to return outside the opening hours, except in case of reasonable cause. WMCY TOURS & RENTALS LTD (Motounion®) is to be notified by 24 hours before.


Prices, charges and payment

The rent to be paid includes the rental costs for the vehicle for the agreed rental period inclusive the car taxes, liability insurance and lubricants however not the fuel. The rental price is to be paid in full at collection. Fees, and extensions are due on return and payable immediately. Payments are accepted by all credit cards of international credit card companies, debit cards, as well as payment in cash. There will be no refund in case of non-pick-up, delayed vehicle pick-up or early return. The renter must comply with the legal provisions, in particular the road traffic laws. He is liable for fines and tolls based on his use of the. The fees are settled by the renter's credit or debit card.

If the bank, that issued Renter’s card doesn’t allow to secure a proper amount of the deposit – it must be secured in cash (full or partly). In case of the deposit paid in cash – the return is either in cash on vehicle returns, subtracting the costs of damages, fuel etc., if exist.


Through my signature, I recognize the general rental conditions and expressly authorize WMCY TOURS & RENTALS LTD (Motounion®) to collect all costs related to the rental via my credit card.